Introduction: Continuing, Professional, Development What does the term comprise. Continuing: For me this means that you as a teacher has to work tireless with you students but also your own development. I think this is a fundamental view to have on your profession as a teacher because you need to find ways to help all of your pupils. Professional: In Sweden the profession don’t have a very high reputation in the society. Thats why I think it’s very important to be professional as a teacher to build up the reputation. I also believe that as a teacher you will not find yourself in as many troubles if you try to stay professional in every part of your profession. Development: This builds on what I wrote on Continuing, because as I said it’s fundamental as a teacher to always try do learn new things and develop. You will always develop because every pupil you will meat are different to the ones befor, but you also have to take every opportunity to learn new things so you
Welcome to my blog, I will publish my thoughts about my future occupation and my life at uni. The reason why I started the blog is that I'm taking part of a project called propic.